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Kransell & Wennborg | Patent, varumärken och designskydd


Kransell & Wennborg is a small-to-middle-sized patent law firm (the tenth largest in Sweden). The size of the organization gives the most favorable advantages: the competence and service of a larger patent law firm and the flexibility and efficiency of a smaller patent law firm.

Kransell & Wennborg has a flat organization with a minimum of administrative overhead and with high degree of flexibility. A group of independent attorneys with their own profit responsibility, yet in close and informal cooperation with each other, provide for high competence, flexibility, and efficiency.

We believe that our organization has the possibility to attract the best attorneys. A fact that indicates so is that the relative number of our attorneys that have passed the European Qualifying Examination to become authorized European patent attorneys is probably one of the highest in Sweden.

Kransell & Wennborg | Patent, varumärken och designskydd