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During the last couple of years we have been fortunate in our recruitment. It will continue this way.

We employ top notch attorneys who have passed the EQE. It does not matter if you’ve only been a European patent attorney for a short while. The important aspect for us is that you had the drive and the analytic ability to pass the examination. In order to fit with us you do want to take responsibility primarily for your own work and client relations but also for the development of the firm as a whole. For you it is obvious that the client is in the center and that you have the ability to balance the wishes of the client against what is legally possible, the clients thereby being satisfied with your work at delivery as well as five years afterwards when things are getting hot. You are not interested in having a manager holding your hand. Instead you appreciate a peer atmosphere and the freedom we can offer. The absence of managers and other over-head office functions at Kransell & Wennborg creates the opportunities for rewarding you for a job well done.

We hope that you will send an email to if you think that Kransell & Wennborg seem to be the place for you. We promise a prompt response.

Kransell & Wennborg | Patent, varumärken och designskydd